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The St. Louis Cardinals went to the World Series three times in the 80s - 1982, 1985 & 1987, winning once in 1982.

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Q: How many times did the cardinals go to the World Series in the 80s?
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How many times has cardinals won the world series?

eleven times

How many times have the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series after winning in 2011?

the st.louis cardinals won the world series 11 times

How many times have the cardinals played the Yankees in the world series?


How many times has the cardinals won world series?

They never won it.

How many titles do the St. Louis Cardinals have?

They have won the World Series 11 times.

How many times have the Cardinals won World Series and in what years?

10 In 1926,1931,1934,1942,1944,1946,1964,1967,1982,and 2006.

How many times have the St. Louis Cardinals played the Detroit Tigers in the World Series?

3 times

How many time have the cardinal and yankee's played in the World Series?

The cardinals and yankess have played each other in nine world series games with the cardinals beating them 5 of 9 times.

How many times have the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals met each other in the World Series?

The Yankees and Cardinals have met five times in the World Series. The Yankees won in 1928 and 1943 and the Cardinals won in 1926, 1942 and 1964.

How many times have the Cardinals lost the World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinals have appeared in 18 World Series and won 11 of them. The seven times they lost the world championship were in the years 1928, 1930, 1943, 1968, 1985, 1987 and 2004.

How many times have the Cardinals and the Red Sox met in the World Series?

2013 is the third time these two teams have met in a World Series. The other two times were 1946 and 1967; both won by the Cardinals in seven games.

How many world series did the cardinals win the world series in the 1980s?


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