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2 years

2011 and 2012 current champions

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Q: How many times did the breakers win the Australian basketball league?
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When did Australian basketball win its first medal at the olympics?

They have won no medals in total for basketball in the Olympics 4 times finishing in fourth place.

Are Australians playing Basketball in the Olympics?

Yes, they are. Australian men's basketball team is a strong basketball team, having won 4th place three times in a row. Australian women's team holds an even better record. Their team won 4th place once, bronze medal once and silver medal three times. There is a Paralympic basketball team too, I believe.

When was Basketball Times created?

Basketball Times was created in 1978.

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15 NBA titles and 1 NBL Championship (National Basketball League)

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2 times.

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The Charlotte Bobcats are a professional basketball team. The Super Bowl is part of the National Football League.

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Basketball wasn't played in ancient times.

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Syracuse has appeared in the the Men's NCAA Basketball tournament 32 times.

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Liverpool has won the league cup the most times?

How many times have man utd won the league not premier league?

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zero times

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