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There have been 99 additions of the the Tour de France, starting in 1903. The 2013 Tour will be the 100th.

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Q: How many times did the Tour de France run?
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How many times has the tour de France been run?

0 times because nobody has run the tour de france

How many times has Lance Armstrong run the Tour de France?

Lance Armstrong has ridden in the Tour 9 times.

How many times has the tour de France taken place?

The 2013 edition is the 100th time the race has been run.

How many times did lance armstrong win the tour de france in 2005?

The TdF is only run once each year, so it can only be won once a year.

Why did Eddy Merckx not win the 1973 Tour De France?

Because he did not run.

Does France have le tour de France?

Most of it, yeah. But some stages may be run in neighbouring countries.

How many people ran Tour de France?

No one has run the TdF. It's a bicycle race, not a running race. There are about 180-200 competitors.

In which years was the tour de france race not held?

They didn't run the race during the world wars.

What dates does the tour de France run from and to this year?

It starts 1st Saturday in July, and runs for three weeks.

When was the Tour De Suisse first run?

The Tour de Suisse is held every June and was first run in 1933. It is often used as a precursor to the Tour de France and is part of the UCI World Ranking calendar. The most recent winner of the Tour de Suisse is Rui Costa of Portugal.

The oldest and the best known of worlds great cycling tour is?

I would imagine that to be the Tour de France, the first of the 3 Grand Tours, first run in 1903 Wax

Is there a girl rider in the tour de France 2012?

No, women have a separate event however the last time it was run was in 2010.

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What is the differene between Tour De France and Tour De Okinawa?

Any web search will tell you what the Tour de France is and if you check out the sports channel, the race is being run even now as I type this. That being said, I will not go into all the Tour de France is... The Tour de Okinawa is a smaller bike race run here on the island of Okinawa Japan. This is pretty much where the similarities end. They're both bicycle races.On to your question of how they are different...They are in different countries on different continents. (One in France, one in Okinawa, Japan.)They are different lengths. The Tour de France is a race run over 19 days (21 counting days of rest) and covers 3,445 kilometers (2,141 mi), including 93 kilometers (58 mi) in time trials. The Tour de Okinawa covers 200 kilometers (124 mi). What do you expect though, our island is only about 65 miles top to bottom and between 3-16 miles wide depending on where you measure. (We're not that large.)The Tour de France is run in the summer whereas the Tour de Okinawa is run in November. (You don't really want to race a bike here in the summer... though some do... it gets REALLY hot and humid.)I hope this is enough to get you started... A couple of websites to help you go further are "" for the Tour de France, and "" for the Tour de Okinawa.Cheers!

What sport is the Tour de France?

It's a multi-stage, road bicycle race.Lots of English speaking folks just call it "The Tour" instead of Le Tour de France. It's the world's most famous cycling(bicycling) race in the format of a multi-stage road race spanning almost three weeks.The Tour De France is the world's most popular Cycle race and is also the the most televised annual sporting event on earth. The Tour De France is raced annually over 20 stages around France over 3 Weeks. Each stage unless a time trial circuit is raced from one town in France to another. The Tour De France has been run annually for over 100 Years. The winner of the Tour will wear the coveted Yellow Jersey.

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