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The St. Louis Rams (fka the Los Angeles Rams) have appeared in the NFC Conference Championship Game 9 times. They are 3-6 in the NFCCG.

The Rams NFC Conference Championship Game Appearances:


Vikings 23

Rams 20


Cowboys 37

Rams 7


Vikings 24

Rams 13


Cowboys 28

Rams 0


Rams 9

Buccaneers 0


Bears 24

Rams 0


49ers 30

Rams 3


Rams 11

Buccaneers 6


Rams 29

Eagles 24

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Q: How many times did the St. Louis Rams appear in the NFC championship?
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How many NFL championships did the St. Louis Rams win before the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXXIV was the first NFL Championship for the St. Louis Rams. However, the Rams won the championship in 1945 when they were playing in Cleveland and 1951 when they were playing in Los Angeles.

Why do the St. Louis Rams have 17-0 on there NFC championship ring?

don't know tell me

Which football team has been in the championship the longest?

The longest span for an NFL team between championships is the Rams (48 years). The Los Angeles Rams won the NFL CHAMPIONSHIP in 1951, and the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999. Also, the Rams have won Championships in 3 different cities. Cleveland 1945, Los Angeles 1951, and St. Louis 1999.

When was St. Louis Rams created?

St. Louis Rams was created in 1936.

What is the St. Louis Rams mailing address?

St. Louis Rams Community Relations One Rams Way Saint Louis, MO 63045

How long have the Rams been in St. Louis?

The 2009 NFL season will be the Rams 15th in St. Louis. The Rams first season in St. Louis was 1995.

Who did Tampa Bay play in 1999 national football conference championship game?

Tampa Bay lost to the St. Louis Rams 11-6 in the 1999 NFC Championship Game.

How much is a 1946 St. Louis Rams jacket worth?

there were no st. Louis rams in 1946.

When did the rams move from la to Saint Louis?

The Rams first season in St. Louis was 1995.

When was St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders created?

St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders was created in 1974.

Where is St. Louis Rams state?

the rams state is in missuri

Have the Rams always been the St. Louis Rams?

NO- they were the LA rams not long ago.

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