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Through the 2011 season, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Steelers six times in their history at home, including the playoffs. They won five times at Arrowhead Stadium and once at Kansas City Municipal Stadium.

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Q: How many times did the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium?
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Where was the Kansas City Chiefs last postseason win?

The last postseason win for the Kansas City Chiefs was at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 8, 1994. The Chiefs won 27-24.

When was the last year the Pittsburgh Steelers lost five games in a row?

Prior to the 2009 season when the Steelers lost games 9 through 13 (Bengals, Chiefs, Ravens, Raiders, and Browns), that was 2003 when the Steelers lost games 4 through 8 to the Titans, Browns, Broncos, Rams, and Seahawks. The Steelers wound up with 2003 season with a 6-10 record.

How many playoff games have the Chiefs won since 1972?

Between 1972-2009, 3. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders in the 1991 playoffs and the Steelers and Oilers in the 1993 playoffs.

Who were the AFC NFL charter teams?

The NFL began an NFC and AFC in the 1970 season. The three NFL teams that 'moved' to the AFC were the Baltimore Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns. AFC East: Baltimore Colts Miami Dolphins New York Jets Buffalo Bills Boston Patriots AFC Central: Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Oilers AFC West: Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos

What NFL stadiums have natural grass?

Currently, the surface in 18 out of 31 NFL stadiums consist of various types of natural grass. In some cases a hybrid method is used where artificial fibers are introduced in the growing process which strengthens the natural grass against wear and tear. The following is a complete list of all stadiums with additional details, if applicable: University of Phoenix Stadium of the Arizona Cardinals (Bermuda grass) Bank of America Stadium of the Carolina Panthers Soldier Field of the Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Stadium of the Cleveland Browns (Kentucky Bluegrass) Sports Authority Field at Mile High of the Denver Broncos (Hybrid between artificial and natural grass) Lambeau Field of the Green Bay Packers (Hybrid ...) Reliant Stadium of the Houston Texans (Bermuda grass) EverBank Field of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Bermuda grass) Arrowhead Stadium of the Kansas City Chiefs Sun Life Stadium of the Miami Dolphins (Bermuda grass) Coliseum of the Oakland Raiders Lincoln Financial Field of the Philadelphia Eagles (Hybrid ...) Heinz Field of the Pittsburgh Steelers Qualcomm Stadium of the San Diego Chargers Candlestick Park of the San Francisco 49ers (Kentucky Bluegrass) Raymond James Stadium of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bermuda grass) LP Field of the Tennessee Titans (Bermuda grass) FedEx Field of the Washington Redskins (Bermuda grass)

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What is the name of the stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play?

Arrowhead Stadium.

What is the name of the stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play?

The Kansas City stadium in which the Kansas City Chiefs usually play and practice is called Arrowhead Stadium and is located @ 1 Arrowhead Dr. Kansas City , Missouri

Do Kansas City Chiefs play home games in a dome or open stadium?

They play at Arrowhead Stadium - an open stadium.

Where is the Arrowhead stadium located?

Arrowhead Stadium is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The stadium is best known for being home to the Kansas City Chiefs, an NFL team. When they are not playing the stadium can also be used for concerts.

In what stadium do the Chiefs play?

Arrowhead Stadium is home to the professional american football team Chiefs or otherwise known as Kansas City Chief.The stadium is located in Kansas City,Missouri.

What are the release dates for NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs?

NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs was released on: USA: November 2009

Where did the chiefs first play in Kansas City?

Kansas City Municipal Stadium, 1963-71. They opened Arrowhead Stadium in 1972.

Where can one purchase Chiefs vs Steelers tickets?

You can purchase tickets to anything from concerts to sporting events from StubHub, Ticketmaster, Craigslist, and if you are going to the game in Pittsburgh, you can buy them at the Heinz Field box office. If you are going to watch the game in Kansas City, at the Arrowhead Stadium box office.

Are the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas or missouri?

Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, is located at One Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, Missouri, Jackson County

Did the Kansas City Chiefs ever play in Kansas City Municipal Stadium?

Yes, between 1963-1971. They moved to Arrowhead Stadium in 1972.

What city do the Kansas City Chiefs play for?

Kansas City, Missouri. Arrowhead stadium (Home of the Chiefs) is located on the east side of the city.(See Related Links)

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time win loss record against the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Steelers lead the Chiefs in their regular season head to head meetings 17-9. The Chiefs lead 1-0 in postseason meetings.

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