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7 times.

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2012-01-03 08:28:19
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Q: How many times did the Detroit Lions win 10 or more games in a season?
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How many times did Green Bay Packers played Detroit Lions?

26 games

How many times have the Denver Broncos played the Detroit Lions?

Through the 2008 season, the Broncos and Lions have met 10 times with the Broncos leading the series, 6-4.

How many sacks did the Detroit Lions allow in the 2008 regular season?

The Lions allowed 52 sacks in the 2008 season. Jon Kitna was sacked 15 times, Dan Orlovsky and Daunte Culpepper 14 times, Drew Stanton 6 times, and Drew Henson 3 times.

How many times have the lions and cowboys played easch other?

Through the 2013 season, the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions have played 25 times, including postseason contests. The Cowboys lead the series 13-12.

How many times in a row have the Detroit Lions lost to the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota?

Through the 2010 season, 13. The Lions last victory in Minnesota was December 14, 1997 by the score of 14-13.

How many games did the Pittsburgh Steelers play against the Detroit Lions in their history?

The Steelers and Lions have met 30 times in their history. The Steelers lead the series 15-14-1.

How many times have the Detroit Lions lost?

Regular Season Record (all-time) : 495-593-32Playoff Record (all-time) : 7-10 (Last appearance after 1999 season)

How long is the Packers-Lions rivalry?

The franchises first met as the Green Bay Packers vs the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans in 1930. For the '34 season, they moved to Detroit & changed their name to the Lions. As of February 2011, the teams have met 161 times in regular season games & two playoff games. The Packers hold the edge in both, 89-65-7 & 2-0 respectively.

How many times have the Detroit Lions won the Super Bowl?


How many times has Detroit Lions played on thanksgiving day?


How many times have the Detroit Lions beaten the Washington Redskins in Washington?

Zero. The Detroit Lions have lost to the Washington Redskins EVERY time they have visited the Redskins.

How many times have the Green Bay Packers played the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving?

From the Detroit Lions website: The Lions have played the Packers the most of any franchise on Thanksgiving with 16 meetings between the two teams. Detroit and Chicago have battled a total of 15 times. The Lions have played 21 different NFL teams on Thanksgiving Day.

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