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Q: How many times did the Beijing Olympic torch go out?
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How many countries does the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay go across?

139 destinations 139 destinations

How many times has the olympic torch been lit?

597 times

What were some of the features of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing?

There were many features in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in the year 2008. The centerpiece of the opening ceremony was the lighting of the grand Olympic torch.

How do pass a Olympic Torch?

HOW many times previsly has great britan hosted the olmpics

How many holes are in the olympic torch?

there are 250 holes in the torch

How many holes in torch?

It has 8,000 holes in the Olympic torch 2012

How many torch bearers carried the olympic torch around UK?


How many holes does the olympic torch have?


How many holes in the Olympic Torch?


How many people are in the Beijing Olympic?


How many times has Shawn Johnson been in the Olympics?

Once. Her first was at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

How many holes are on the olympic torch?

There are 8,000 holes on the Olympic torch. This is beacause there are 8,000 torch bearers. (They're the people who run with the torch.) Hope this helps and GO TEAM GB! WOO!