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Once, in 1992.

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Q: How many times did mansell win the world championship?
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How many times has Shawnmichaels won a world championship?

3 times

How many times did undertaker won the WWE championship?

One time, and he won the world heavyweight championship 3 times.

How many championship wins Triple H has?

World Heavyweight Championship (5 times)WWF/E Championship (8 times)WWF European Championship (2 times)WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (5 times)WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (2 times)WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Shawn Michaels

How many times has the rock won a world championship?


How many times did Lancia stratos win the World Rally Championship?

6 times

How many times has ford won a world rally championship?


How many times has ric flair won the world championship?


How many times did Randy Orton win the WWE title?

Updated August 2011. WWE Championship = 6 times, World Heavyweight Championship = 9 times,

How many WWE championships has Triple H gotten?

World Heavyweight Championship Belt 5 times WWF/E Championship Belt: 8 times WWF European Championship Belt: 2 times WWF/E Intercontinental Championship Belt: 5 times WWF/E World Tag Team Championship Belt: 2 times WWE Tag Team Championship Belt: 1 time

How many times Triple H won the world championship titels?

13, I believe.

How many times did John Cena win the world heavy weight championship?


How many time has Brazil won the World cup football championship?

5 Times