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Once, in 1992.

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Q: How many times did mansell win the world championship?
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How many times did nigel mansell win the championship?

He has won one world championship in the year 1992

How many times did The Undertaker win the World Heavyweight Championship?

The undertaker won the world heavyweight championship 5 or 6 times.

How many times has Shawnmichaels won a world championship?

3 times

How many times did undertaker won the WWE championship?

One time, and he won the world heavyweight championship 3 times.

How many times has the rock won a world championship?


How many times has the Undertaker won the WWE championship?

WWF/E Championship (4 times)World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

How many championship wins Triple H has?

World Heavyweight Championship (5 times)WWF/E Championship (8 times)WWF European Championship (2 times)WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (5 times)WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (2 times)WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Shawn Michaels

How many times have Ferrari won the World Championship in Formula 1?

Ferrari has won the Constructors Championship 16 times in:1961196419751976197719791982198319992000200120022003200420072008Ferrari has won the Drivers Championship 15 times in195219531956195819611964197519771979200020012002200320042007

How many times has vishwanathan anand won the world chess championship?

5 times

How many times did Cassius Clay win in the world championship fight?

3 times

How many times did Lancia stratos win the World Rally Championship?

6 times

How many times has ford won a world rally championship?


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