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41 times in 160 Race stars.

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Q: How many times did ayton senna win a grand prix?
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How many times did ayrton senna win the belgium grand prix?

Ayrton Senna won five Belgian Grand Prix (1985, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991).

How many times did senna win the Belgium grand prix?

Goota be more specific Ayrton Senna or Bruno Senna. Ayrton Senna won the Belgium GP 5 Times in the years 1985, 1988-1991 Bruno Senna has won 0 Belgium GP.

How many times did Ayrton Senna win the Brazillian grand prix?

two in 1991 and 1993

How many times did Ayrton Senna win the Belgian Grand Prix?

He won the Belgian Grand Prix five times in the following years:19851988198919901991

How many times did Ayrton Senna fail to qualify for a race?

seven times

How many times did Ayrton Senna win the San Marino Grand Prix?

Ayrton Senna won three San Marino Grand Prix thoughout his career in 1988,1989 and 1991.The track also turned out to be his final resting place when in 1994 he was instantly killed when his Williams crashed into a wall.

How many time ayrton senna win the Brazillian grand prix?

Twice ... 1991 and 1993.

How many times did ayrton senna win the Belgian gp?


How many injuries did Ayrton Senna have during the race of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix?

he died.

How many times did Ayrton Senna win the formula 1 world championship?

He won three times

How many points did Bruno Senna earn at the 2012 Monaco F1 Grand Prix?

He earned 1 point for finishing in 10th position.

How many times did Michael schumacher win monaco?

5 times, equal 2nd with Graham Hill behind Ayrton Senna (6).

How many times did nigel mansel win the Monaco grand prix?

Nigel Mansell has never won the Monaco Grand Prix. Ayrton Senna holds the record for most race wins in this circuit. He has a total of 6 wins in the years 1987, 89, 90, 91, 92 and 1993.

How many championships did ayrton senna?

The legendary Ayrton Senna won three World Championships (1988, 1990 and 1991) during his Formula One career before he was tragically killed in a crash at the San Marino Grand Prix on May 1st, 1994.

How many races did ayrton senna win?


How many times in his first year did Ayrton senna win?

He didn't win any in his first year in formula 1. However, he could of won monaco but the race was halted because of rain. If this hadn't of happened, senna would of won

How many championships did Ayrton Senna win?

Ayrton Senna won three F1 world championships ... 1988, 1990, and 1991.

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How many times has Michael schumacher won Barcelona grand prix?

7 times

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