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Ted Williams won the Triple Crown twice. In 1942 Williams hit .356, with 36 home runs, and 137 RBIs, and in 1942 he hit .343, with 32 home runs, and 114 RBIs.

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Q: How many times did Ted Williams win the Triple Crown?
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How many times did mickey mantle win the triple crown award?

1956 Triple Crown WinnerMickey Mantle won the Triple Crown in 1956. He batted .353 with 52 home runs and 130 RBI's.

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Frank Robinson is the only Oriole to have won the Triple Crown (1966).

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Triple Crown winners how many are there?

14 Players Won the Triple CrownThere have been 14 different players that have won the Triple Crown in hitting with two players dong it twice. Roger Horsby in 1922, and 1925, and Ted Williams in 1942, and 1947. The last to hit for the Triple Crown was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 when he hit 326, with 44 home runs, and had 121 RBIs.

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No Chicago Cub has ever won the Triple Crown in hitting. Two have done it in pitching. In 1918 Hippo Vaughn won the Triple Crown in pitching with a record of 22-10, 1.27 ERA, and 162 strikeouts ,and in 1920 Pete Alexander won the Triple crown with a record of 27-14, 1.91 ERA, and 173 strikeouts.

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Dwight Gooden 1985 Triple CrownThere has never been a New York Met to win the Triple crown in hitting. Dwight Gooden won the triple Crown for pitching (Wins, ERA, Strikeouts) Dwight won it in 1985 with a record of 24-4, an ERA of 1.53 and 268 strikeouts.

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