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He won the Award 3 times, 1943, 1946 and 1948.

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Q: How many times did Stan Musial win the MVP Award?
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How many brothers does Stan Musial have?

1 (one)

How many hits did Stan Musial have?

1815hits at home and 1815 on the road

How many years did Stan Musial play for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Stan played for 22 years; his whole career

How many career Home Runs did Stan Musial hit?

Stan Musial hit 475 home runs in his career (1941-1944, 1946-1963). His best season for HRs was 1948 when he hit 39.

How many years did Stan musial play for the cardinals?

Stan Musial played for the St. Louis Cardinals his whole carrer, from September 17, 1941- September 29, 1963. Obviously he was in the war part of that time.

How many all-star games did Stan musial play in?

Stan Musial played on 20 All Star teams, every year from 1943-1963 with the exception of 1945 because of military service. stan musial played in 24 all-star games .stan muscal played for the st.louis cardinals for 18 seasons and had a .311 lifetime average and 7 natlonal league awards

How many hits did Stan Musial have total in his career?

Stan "The Man" Musial had a total of 3,630 hits in his career including 475 home runs from 1941 to 1963 all with the St. Louis Cardinals. Musial missed the 1945 season due to his military service. He had 1815 hits on the road as well as 1815 hits at home

How many MVPs have the St. Louis Cardinals had?

On 19 occasions, players from the St. Louis Cardinals have won an NL MVP award: 2009- albert Pujols 2005 - Albert Pujois 1985 - Willie McGee 1979 - Keith Hernandez 1971 - Joe Torre 1968 - Bob Gibson 1967 - Orlando Cepeda 1964 - Ken Boyer 1948 - Stan Musial 1946 - Stan Musial 1944 - Marty Marion 1943 - Stan Musial 1942 - Mort Cooper 1937 - Joe Medwick 1934 - Dizzy Dean 1931 - Frankie Frisch 1928 - Jim Bottomley 1926 - Bob O'Farrell 1925 - Rogers Hornsby

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What is the value of my son's baseball glove that was signed by Stan Musial.?

Stan Musial Signed Baseball GloveThe value of a signature will vary depending on the Item signed, display or "eye appeal", the grade of the signature, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. A Stan Musial single signed baseball is worth about $80.- $150.Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.A signed baseball glove could sell at a higher value than a signed baseball but there are many other factors that will effect the value more or less, such as the type of ink used. A sharpie would be preferred over a pen signature because it will stand out more. The condition and quality of the glove will also effect the value.For example a signed Stan Musial adult sized signature model glove in near mint condition will sell at a much higher price than a Stan Musial Youth glove that has been used. If it's not a Stan Musial glove it will have a lower value.The placement of the signature, on the finger, thumb, front back etc.. is also a factor but the bottom line is how well the glove displays the signature.Value is based on past auctions and sales. I found a signed Stan Musial signature series glove with a strong Sharpie signed signature on a used glove that sold for $121. (see Related Links below)

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