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Q: How many times did Scott Dixon win the Indy 500?
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How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2009?

09 Indy has not been run and Dale Jr does not race Indy cars

How many Indy 500's have been run?

2008 will the the 92nd running of the Indy 500

How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2008?

None, Jr races NASCAR not Indy.

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How many cylinders does an Indy car have?


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How many drivers are in the Indy 500 at a time?


How many miles in one lap around the Indy 500 track?

An Indy Car is 192 inches long.

How many men have won Indy 500?

No women has won the Indy 500. There has been 101 races and 69 different race winners.

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