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3 out of 4 times.

2003 - FSU 38, Florida 34

2004 - Florida 20, FSU 13

2005 - Florida 34, FSU 7

2006 - Florida 21, FSU 14

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Q: How many times did QB Chris Leak beat Florida State?
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Which round of the 2007 NFL draft is Chris Leak of Florida expected to get picked?

7th == -----Answer Update == Chris Leak was not drafted in the 2007 NFL draft.

Who is the Florida gators all time leading passer?

Chris leak

Who was the Florida Gators career passing yardage leader?

Chris Leak

Who is the all time leading passer at the University of Florida?

Chris Leak

Who was the Florida gators quarterback right before chris leak?

Ingle Martin

What kind of sponsorships does Chris Leak promote?

Chris Leak currently promotes college football sponsorships. He started his career when he received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida.

Who won the ncaa 06 national title?

The Florida gators led by quarter back Chris Leak.

How tall is Chris Leak?

Chris Leak is 6'.

What is the birth name of Chris Leak?

Chris Leak's birth name is Christopher Leak.

Has it ever been two black starting quarterbacks playing in the college National Championship game?

Yes, the 2006 BCS Championship Game had starting QBs of Chris Leak for the Florida Gators and Troy Smith for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

When was Chris Leak born?

Chris Leak was born on May 3, 1985, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Where is Chris Leak?

Montreal of the CFL