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I believe it was once in the movie and once in the show, I can't tell you anything about the seasons after the fourth English season because Japan took a different path when they decided to continue the series, technically, they're not cannon with the U.S. series.

he also died once in Transformers armada but was ressurected by the minicons

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Q: How many times did Optimus Prime die in the 1st ever series and film before all the new remakes?
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Optimus Prime's real name is Optimus Prime. However before he was a Prime his name was Orion Pax.Answeroptimus prime's real name was Orion pax before he received the matrix of leadership,

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He dose not in the first or the second movie I do not believe that he dose in the animated series either yes Optimus Prime has a son as u will see in transformers 3 No, Optimus Prime has never had any offspring in any Transformers continuities.

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