How many times did OU beat OSU?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How many times did OU beat OSU?
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How many times has Oklahoma state beat Oklahoma University in Norman?

OSU has beaten OU 16 times in the Bedlam Rivarly, 8 of the times were in Norman. OU has won beaten OSU 79 times

How many times has ou beaten osu?

79 times

How long did it take osu to beat ou?

8 years and only 5 times since WWII

Has OU and OSU beat Texas in the same year?

The first time was in 2010.

How many times has osu beaten ou in the last 10 years?

um let my see like 3-5 times

How many miles are between ou and osu?

how far is it between ou and texas tech

Who has more sports championships ou or osu?


How many times has ou beat Texas?


Is OU better than OSU?

That is really a matter of opinion.

Is there a college in Oklahoma that offers a course in biology?

Several including OU and OSU.

Has OSU won more games than OU?

no never close tho

How many naional chmpoionships has ou played for?

How many times has ou played for the national champioinship