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12 times

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2011-04-27 06:06:38
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Q: How many times did Muhammad Ali go 15 rounds in a boxing match?
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How many times did Muhammad Ali go 15 rounds?

12 times

What is muhammad ali remmerd for?

He will be remembered for his boxing, as he is only the few people to win the world title three times.

When did Muhammad Ali retired from boxing?

Ali retired several times, BUT the last time was right after he was defeated by Trevor Berbick on December 11, 1981.

How many minutes is a fifteen round boxing match?

59 minutes 15 times 3 = 45 14 times 1 = 14 (after the 15 round, the match is over, so you don't have the 1 minute rest period)

How many three time heavywieght boxing champions are there?

Muhammad ali won the linear heavyweight title three times, and apart from that, evander holyfield won it 4 times, and lennox Lewis three times.

How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose during his pro boxing career?

He lost 5Frazier, Norton, Leon Spinks, Holmes and Trevor Berbick5 times

How many rounds in boxing match?

Amateur: 3; also five-two min rounds. Pro: 4; 6; 8; 10; 12 no laws against "15" round matches still. Are their 'laws' against 20 r. boxing?? If their are/ those laws are most certainly -regional- and no possible further jurisdiction. Now: are "5" r. boxing matches ever slated? The answer is yes and you WILL SEE them in records if you keep searching long enough. I have seen them many times. Are their ever two round matches slated? again, they do exist in records. Even one round slatted distances are to be found in records. "7" round matches have happened. As have "11" r. matches. Normally it is even number rounds that are used. (note: their are many, many boxing matches happening around the Globe, every month and the numbers would -probably- amaze the average joe on street).

What is the biggest recorded crowd at a boxing match?

The largest outdoor boxing attendance record was set on Feb 20, 1993 in Mexico City. A reported 136 274 spectators filled Estadio Azteca to watch a then unbeaten Julio César Chávez against Greg Haugen in a WBC Light Welterweight title match. The largest indoor attendance was in 1978 when Muhammad Ali fought Leon Spinks in at the Louisiana Superdome. That crowd was 63 315. From the NY Times. September 10, 1993. Online at

What medals or awards did Muhammad Ali receive?

Olympic Gold in 1960. Three times World Heavyweight Champion - 1964, 1974, and 1978. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

What were Muhammad Ali's places of employment?

Ali worked as a janitor at a local College to help out his family, the the poor, desperate times. When Ali started boxing the money he got he gave to his family. He was a "Giver"

How many times did Muhammad Ali lose his world title?

Ali lost to the following:1) HI - March 8, 1971, 15 round decision -But he defeated HI 3 times after he lost the match

How many rounds are there in olympic archery?

There are 4 rounds in archery, and each round, a player get to shoot 4 times.

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