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Q: How many times did Kobe Bryant lose the nba finals?
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How many times did Kobe Bryant score 50 points and lose?

once for every time he raped a girl

What year did Kobe Bryant lose to the celtics in final series?


What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?

Everyone has it and no one can lose it, what is it?

How many times did Newcastle lose in the FAcup final?

7 times... In finals 13 times and won 6

How many times has Germany lose the World Cup?

The have gone to the finals 7 times and lost 4 times.

Did Allen Iverson ever won a ring?

No, he came close once. Going to the NBA finals to lose to the Los Angelos Lakers with Kobe and Shaq.

Who will win the 2010 NBA finals celtics or lakers?

Lakers in frickin' 7 games, baby! Kobe can't lose, and by the way, LeBron is goin' to the NY Knickerbockers

How much does Kobe Bryant weigh?

210. Kobe Bryant is relatively light for his height versus the rest of the NBA. As he has aged he has trained harder to reduce his weight from where he was at in his 20's. This has lead to somewhat of a fad in the NBA of other players following suit to lose weight as they tip over 30 years of age.

Is derrick rose better than Kobe Bryant?

Kobe is better then derrick rose in shotthing but derrick won the national mvp but derrick rose got beaten by the lakers in the regular season i was in the all star game and they lose to the west.

did the Chicago bulls ever lose in the finals?


What teams did bear Bryant lose to at Bryant denny stadium?

USC and Florida

How many times did derrick rose lose the NBA finals?

0 he's never been past the first round

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