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Q: How many times did Kirk Hinrich lead the Chicago Bulls in assists out of the 6 games they played in the 2006 Playoffs?
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What college did NBA player Kirk Hinrich play for?

NBA player Kirk Hinrich played for Kansas.

How many playoffs have Chicago Bears played in?

25 - they have won eight league championships and one Superbowl.

When was the year dallas cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles played each other in the playoffs?

The two played in the playoffs in the 2010 playoffs, Dallas won 34-14.

Who played in the 2008 MLB playoffs?

The Milwaukee Brewers, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays were the 8 teams that competed in the 2008 Major League Baseball Playoffs.

How many playoffs have the bulls played in?


How many games did the Chicago Bears play in 1985?

In 1985, the Chicago Bears played 19 total games, and were the Super Bowl champions. They finished with a 15-1 regular season record and were 3-0 in the playoffs.

What is Kirk Hinrich best known for?

Kirk Hinrich is best known for being a player in the National Basketball Association. He is an eleven year veteran who has played for several teams. He is most widely recognized for his major contributing role on the Chicago Bulls teams throughout the past decade. He is also known for being a shooting specialist from behind the three point line as well as a gritty defensive basketball player.

When is the Stanley cup playoffs played?

The playoffs begin midway in April usually around about the 20th and end in early June.

Is Dwight Howard alive?

Of course he is he played in the playoffs this year

When is the baseball World Series played?

The baseball World Series is played in October after the playoffs.

How many playoff games have Micheal Jordan played in?

179 games he played in playoffs

How many games are played before the nba playoffs?

82 games.

When does the World Series happen?

The World Series is played in October, after the playoffs.

Who did the cowboys play in 1999 playoffs?

They played the Minnesota Vikings and lost.

What is the most overtime periods played in the Stanley cup playoffs?


How many times have the Chiefs played in the playoffs as of 2010?

16 times

What movie and television projects has Thomas Hinrich been in?

Thomas Hinrich has: Played Dr. Hans Hackmeier in "Die Wache" in 1994. Played Polizeikommissar Loke in "Balko" in 1995. Played Vater Roose in "SOKO Wismar" in 2004. Played Klaus Melzer in "SOKO Wismar" in 2004. Played Dr. Leo Szilard in "Giganten" in 2007. Played Uwe Seybold in "112 - Sie retten Dein Leben" in 2008. Played Andreas Dabrowski in "112 - Sie retten Dein Leben" in 2008. Played Kommissar Mertens in "Jenseits der Mauer" in 2009.

How many pro football teams were in Chicago?

There have been three pro football teams in Chicago. Chicago Bears, 1922- Present - Played as the Decatur Staleys 1920 - Played as the Chicago Staleys 1921 Chicago Hornets/Rockets, 1946-1949 - Played as the Chicago Rockets 1946-1947 - Played as the Chicago Hornets 1948-1949 Chicago Tigers, 1920

Did the Eagles ever play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs?

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have played the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs. The played in the 2003 NFC Conference Championship game. The Eagles lost 14-3.

How many teams that played in the super bowl and neither team made the playoffs the following season?

There have been 4 times when neither of the Super Bowl teams made the playoffs the following season: 1) Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos played in Super Bowl XXII and neither made the playoffs in 1988. 2) Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos played in Super Bowl XXXIII and neither made the playoffs in 1999. 3) St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI and neither made the playoffs in 2002. 4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders played in Super Bowl XXXVII and neither made the playoffs in 2003.

Who has played the most NBA games without making the playoffs?

tom brady

What NBA team has played in the playoffs the most times?

Los Angeles Lakers

Who played point guard and center in laker playoffs?

Ervin "Magic" Johnson

When is ice hockey played?

It goes from around early october to June for the playoffs.

What is the most games played by a team in a single Stanley cup playoffs?