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Q: How many times did Jackie Robinson attempt to steal home plate?
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Did Jackie Robinson ever steal home in Wrigley Field?


How many bases did Jackie Robinson steal?

In his 10 year MLB career, Jackie Robinson stole 197 bases with a season's high of 37 in 1949.

Did Jackie Robinson ever steal home at the polo grounds?

Yes, once. And I was there!

How many times did Jackie Robinson steal home?

surprisingly he stole home 19 times!!!

How many bases did Jackie Robinson steal in his first 8 years at the majors?

173 173

How many times did Jackie Robinson steal home in his career?

19 times

How many bases did Jackie Robinson steal in his first eight years in the majors?

In Jackie Robinson's first eight years in MLB (1947-1954) he stole 173 bases.Actually he stole 174

In his first eight in the majors how many bases did Jackie Robinson steal?

Jackie Robinson stole 173 bases in his first 8 MLB seasons. He ended up with a career total of 197 stolen bases.

What were Jackie Robinson's accomplishments?

Jackie Robinson accomplished more in his life time then most people could dream of. He broke the color barrier in major league baseball, won numerous awards for his outsanding ablityl on the field, was a civil rights activist. Those are true. But he also was the first player to steal home plate in major league baseball.

Who did Jackie steal home from in the World Series?

Jackie Robinson stole home in the 1955 World Series vs. the New York Yankees. Whitey Ford was the Yankees' pitcher, with Yogi Berra catching.

Who was the first baseball player to steal home?

I'm pretty sure it was Jackie Robinson. Not even close Ty Cobb stole home upwards of 50 times. The first steal of home took place in the 19th century but probably will never be pinpointed.

From what town did the Grinch attempt to steal Christmas?


How many bases did Jackie Robinson steal during the 1947 World Series?

2.He stole second base in 1st inning of Game 1 and second base in the 1st inning of Game 3.

Why did they call Jackie Robinson Jackie the robber?

Because hes black. Note that the person that said the previous statement is too stupid to know how to spell the simple contraction "he's." This moron is also unaware that Jackie Robinson has been dead for quite a while, meaning it is incorrect to say that "He's black" -- the only intelligent statement would be "He WAS black." Oh, and BTW, Robinson got the nickname because he was quite adept at stealing bases -- he's one of the few players to ever steal home in a World Series game.

How many bases did jakie Robinson steal?

Robinson stole 197 bases in his 10 year MLB career.

What is an attempt to steal a car while the driver is in the car?


Does batter have to leave box for play at plate?

If it is an attempted steal of home, or if it is a suicide squeeze play, the batter has the right to be in the batter's box in order to attempt to hit the pitched ball. However, he may not remain there after the attempt if a play is subsequently being made at the plate (for example, on a passed ball, or if the runner on 3rd base is in a rundown).

What is it if the robber uses violence but doesn't steal?

It is still a robbery, as the intent to steal something from the control of another was there. If there were no intent to steal, and it was not just merely a failed attempt to steal, then it would be battery.

How did Penelope's suitors betray Odysseus?

they eat and steal his property and attempt to kill his son also they try and steal his wife

What is it called when a base runner steals home plate?

steal of home

Who is the last Minnesota twin to steal home plate?

Rod Carew

Who was the last Detroit tiger to steal home plate?

Ty cobb

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yeah he does

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toe nail polish?