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Hank Aaron never won the Triple Crown Award.

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Q: How many times did Hank Aaron win the Triple Crown?
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How many times did Hank Aaron strike out?

According to the 1993 edition of Baseball Encyclopedia, Hank Aaron struck out 1383 times in his career.

How many strikeouts did Hank Aaron have for his career?

Hank Aaron struck out 1,383 times during his career.

How many times did Hank Aaron bat?

Hank Aaron had 12,364 career at bats in his 13,941 plate appearances; meaning he came to bat 13,941 times.

Who hit the triple in the game that Hank Aaron hit his 750th home run?

Hank Aaron hit his 750th home run on June 18, 1976 off of Jim Todd of the Oakland Athletics. The only triple hit in that game was by Milwaukee shortstop Robin Yount.

Is Lary Aaron Hank Aaron?

no, Lary Aaron is a son of Hank Aaron.

Who is Hank Aaron's nephew Richard Aaron?

He is Hank Aaron's nephew.

Facts about Hank Aaron?

did hank Aaron die

Why did Hank Aaron die?

Hank Aaron is not dead.

What does Hank Aaron play?

What does Hank Aaron play?

Where was Hank Aaron from?

Hank Aaron was from Mobile Alabama.

Which MLB player has won the most Hank Aaron awards?

Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds have each won the Hank Aaron award 3 times. Alex Rodriguez won the AL Hank Aaron award in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Barry Bonds won the NL Hank Aaron award in 2001, 2002 and 2004.

Was Tommie Aaron older Hank Aaron?

Hank Aaron was older by about 5 years.

Who hit into most triple plays in major league baseball?

Brooks Robinson 4 (Hank Aaron 0)

Who was Hank Aaron's father?

Herbert Aaron was Hank's father.

How did Hank Aaron die?

Hank Aaron is still alive.

When did Hank Aaron retire?

Hank Aaron retired in 1976.

What did Hank Aaron do in college?

Hank Aaron did not attend college.

Did HANK Aaron dead?

Hank Aaron is not dead he is 77

How many times did Hank Aaron get walked?

Aaron received 1,367 walks in the regular season in his career. He also struck out 1,345 times.

Did Hank Aaron sign his baseballs as Henry Aaron?

Did Hank Aaron ever sign baseball Henry Aaron?

What was Hank Aaron nicknamed?

Hammerin' Hank :) His name is Henry Aaron but we all called him Hank.

What were hank aaron's nicknames?

Hank Aaron had the nicknames: the Hammer, Hammerin' Hank, and Bad Henry.

How many times did Hank Aaron win the MVP?

Once in 1957

What is Hank Aaron's real name?

Hank Aaron's full name is Henry Louis Aaron.

Who are hank aaron's parents?

Hank's parents are Herbert Aaron, his father, and Estella Aaron, his mother.