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Q: How many times did Cristiano Ronaldo score against Korea?
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When did Cristiano Ronaldo score his first goal against barca?

When did cristiano ronaldo scored his first goal against barcelona

What team did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 22nd goal against?

It is a team

Against which team did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 100th goal for Manchester united?

Stoke City

Which team against did Cristiano Ronaldo score his last goal for Manchester United?

Stoke City

Did Cristiano Ronaldo ever score a hat-rick?

Yes. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a hat-trick for Manchester United against Newcastle United in the Premiership at Old Trafford.

How many goals has Ronaldo Cristiano scored against Chelsea?

How many goals Ronaldo score against Chelsea at Manchester United

How far can Cristiano Ronaldo score from?

78 yards

How many goal Cristiano Ronaldo score in 2011 2012?


How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo score at real Madrid?


How many hatricks has Cristiano ronaldo score for Madrid this season 2012?


How many goals did Cristiano ronaldo score in man united?

84 goals

How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score in 2008?

In the year 2008 Christiano Ronaldo scored a total of 356 goals.