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Chelsea have failed to win the Champion League title upto this year, even though they have failed they have reached the final many times.

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Q: How many times did Chelsea win the European champions league titles?
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Who have won the champions league titles?


How many UEFA champions league titles has Chelsea won?


How many titles did man united win?

19 Premier League Titles. 3 Champions League Titles. Chelsea is better.

Chelsea has won how many UEFA Champions League titles as of 2007?

Chelsea have failed to win a champion league in their history.

How many honours have Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won four premier league titles, two second division titles, seven FA cups, four community shields, and one UEFA champions league titles.

What European Trophies has Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won: 5 Champions league titles , 3 Uefa cup titles and 2 European super cup titles.

What is the European best soccer club in history?

Real Madrid with 9 Champions League Titles

Which team has won the UEFA Champions League the most times real Madrid livrpool or barcalona?

Real Madrid has won the most Champions League titles (including European Cup).

How many uefa champion league titles has Manchester United?

Manchester United has won the Champions League on two occasions - in 1999 and 2008. They have also won the European Cup (the predecessor to the Champions League) in 1968.

How many premier league titles have Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won three Premier League titles in 2004,2005 and 2010

How many Barclay's league titles do Arsenal and Chelsea have?

Arsenal has 13 league titles and Arsenal has 4 league titles.

Who is more successful Liverpool or Chelsea?

There is no comparison. Liverpool have won 18 League titles and 5 European Cups. Chelsea's total can be counted on one hand.