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he competed four times

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Q: How many times did Bruce Jenner compete in the Olympics?
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How many times has Bruce Jenner been married?

four times

Why did only men compete in the Olympics in ancient times?


Did the USSR ever compete in the Olympics?

Yes, many times. Many medals.

Why couldn't women compete in the Olympics?

Because in those times only young men could compete and they were usually naked

How many times does the average gymnast compete in the Olympics?

They can compete in the Olympics 1-2 times usually. Your body gets too weak by the time you reach above 25 to be good enough for Olympics compared to the other younger girls that are waiting to go.

Why were married women not allowed to compete in Olympics in Ancient times?

i think because they will have to wear short things

Where can you try out for the Olympics?

The athletes competing in the Olympics have first to be chosen to be part of their national team. You start local and if you get into your national team and your times there are above a 'world' set threshold, your national team can compete in the Olympics with you in it.

What years of the Olympics did Shannon Miller compete in?

1992 and know..when the Magnificent Seven won the Gold in Atlanta? great times..loved that team...

How many times has neroli fairhall competed in the Olympic games?

Neroli competed in one Olympics, the 1984 Games in Los Angeles where she finished 35th in women's individual archery. She was the first paraplegic to compete at the Olympics.

How old do you have to be in the summer Olympics and do the hurdles?

To compete in any olympic event at the olympic games you have to be 13 years old and have the achieved the set standards or quailyfying times.

How many years did Catriona Ann Le May- Doan compete in the Olympics?

She competed 4 times in the winter games (1992, 1994, 1998, 2002).

Are any women allowed in the Olympics?

In ancient times, no. But in today's world, definitely. There are events for women to compete in in ALL olympic events, from hockey to pole-jumping.

Why can't women compete in the swimming race in Olympics?

In the Greek times I think they want to please Zeus ( the king of the gods in the Greek times ) more than Hera. ( the wife of Zeus and the queen of the gods in the Greek times )

How many times have Brazil entered the Olympics?

They entered the Olympics with 57 times.

Were there Olympics in the Victorian times?

Yes the Olympics in Victorian times started again in 1869

How many times have France won the Olympics?

France has won the Olympics at least 6 times

How many times has the US hosted the Winter Olympics?

the USA has hosted the winter Olympics 8 times

What country hosted the Olympics 3 times?

England is the only country that has hosted the Olympics 3 times

How many times can you participate in the Olympics?

Many times

How many times has tanith belbin competed in the Olympics?

This is her first Olympics

How many times has Asia hosted the Olympics games?

3 summer Olympics and 2 winter Olympics

Why is Greece first in the Olympics?

Greece is first in the Olympics because Greece is where the Olympics started in ancient times.

How many times has Germany took part in the Olympics?

2 in the summer Olympics and 2 in the winter Olympics

When was the Olympics found?

in the greek times

How many times has Peru hosted the Olympics?

Peru had never hosted the Olympics.