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LSU leads 24-20 in the Head to Head vs Auburn

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Q: How many times did Auburn beat LSU?
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How many times did auburn beat lsu while saben was coach?

Auburn won three of five games against LSU while Nick Saban was head coach of LSU (2000-2004). Auburn won in Auburn in 2000, 2002, and 2004 and LSU won in Baton Rouge in 2001 and 2003.

How many times has Alabama and Auburn beat LSU in the same season?

only once... they only play each other once.

Who were the tigers first lsu or auburn?


How many times Tulane beat LSU in Men's basketball?


How many times has LSU beat Arkansas?

One time ever

Who did Indiana beat to make it to the 1987 Final Four?

To get to the Final Four in 1987, Indiana beat Fairfield, Auburn, Duke and LSU.

How many times has nick saban lost to auburn tiger?

Saban's record against Auburn is 4-5 2-3 LSU 2-2 Alabama Through the 2010 season Nick Saban has lost to Auburn 5 times.

Who won the 1994 auburn vs lsu football game?

The game played September 17, 1994 between Auburn and LSU was won by Auburn by the score of 30-26.

How many Championships have LSU won?

Probably 10 and on Dec.#3rd.2011 LSU beat Georgia that night. Also, LSU Beat the Arkansas Razorbacks! GO LSU!!!!!!!!!

How many times has lsu coach les miles beat Alabama?

4 times. Through the 2010 season Miles is 4-2 against Alabama as head coach of LSU.

How many times did tulane beat lsu football team?

LSU leads the series against Tulane with 68 wins, 22 losses, and 7 ties.

How many times has Kentucky beaten LSU in basketball?

The LSU Tigers have only beat the Kentucky Wildcats one (1) in 36 tries. If not mistaking that was in 1961.

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