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As of the 2008 season, two ... Peyton 1, Eli 1, Archie 0

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Q: How many times did Archie Manning win the Heisman?
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How many times was Archie Manning sacked?

According to Pro Football Reference, Archie Manning was sacked 396 times in his career, 340 times while with the Saints, 18 times with the Vikings, and 38 times with the Oilers.

Which current NFL players are sons of former NFL players?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.

How many Heisman winners played at OSU?

6, but Archie Griffin won 2 so they have 7 total Heisman trophies.

How many Heisman Trophies did Archie Griffin win in his career at Ohio State?


How many Heismans trophies has Ohio state won?

Nobody from Ohio University has won the Heisman Trophy, however, players from Ohio State University have won the award seven times: 1) 1944 - Les Horvath, QB 2) 1950 - Vic Janowicz, RB 3) 1955 - Howard Cassady, RB 4) 1974 - Archie Griffin, RB 5) 1975 - Archie Griffin, RB 6) 1995 - Eddie George, RB 7) 2006 - Troy Smith, QB

How many grandkids does Archie Manning have?

yes. cooper has one daughter, May(9), and two sons, Arch(8) and Heid(6). Peyton has twins, a boy and a girl, Marshall and Mosley. (1) eli has one daughter, Ava(1). She is ten days older than Peyton's twins. ages of kids are how old they are or will be in 2012

How many pro bowls has Aaron Rodgers been to?

Peyton Manning - 11 pro bowls Eli Manning - 2 pro bowls Archie manning - 2 pro bowls

How many first place votes did Archie Griffin get when he won his second Heisman Trophy?

Archie Griffin won his second Heisman in 1975. That season, there were 1,041 registered electors. Of those 1,041 possible first place votes, Griffin received 454 of them. Chuck Muncie of California was second with 145 first place votes.

How many Heisman winners did woody Hayes have?

Woody Hayes coached three Heisman winners at Ohio State: 1) 1955 - Howard Cassady 2) 1974 and 1975 - Archie Griffin In addition, he coached Vic Janowicz in his first season of 1951. Vic had won the Heisman in 1950.

How many times can you win the Heisman Trophy?

There is no limit as to how many times a player can win the Heisman. But since a college player can only play a maximum of five seasons, the maximum number of times he could win would be five times.

How many African American Heisman Trophy winners are there?

There have been 26 different African Americans who have won the Heisman Memorial Trophy Award, and an African American has won the award 27 out of the 73 years of its existence (Archie Griffin has won it twice).

Heisman trophy winners?

Jay Berwanger. He played halfback for Chicago in 1935