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February 15th and September 15th, both in 1978.

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Q: How many times did Ali fight Spinks?
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Who won the fight of Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks?

Spinks won their first fight, and Ali won the rematch.

Did Muhammad ali min from leon spinks?

Spinks won their first fight, and Ali won the rematch.

How Many Times Did Muhammad Ali win the world heavyweight belt?

Three...First was Sonny Liston Fight, Second was George Foreman Fight, Third was Leon Spinks Re-Match Fight...

Which 5 boxers beat muhammed ali?

Joe Frazier (first fight) Ken Norton (first fight) Leon Spinks (first fight) Larry Holmes (Ali's penultimate fight) Trevor Berbick (Ali's last fight)

Where did Muhammad Ali fight Leon Spinks?

Ali fought Leon Spinks twice: The first time in Las Vegas on Feb 15, 1978, which Spink won. Ali won the rematch on Sept 15, 1978, in the New Orleans Superdome.

Who did Muhammad Ali loose to?

joe frazier (first fight) kenny norton (first fight) leon spinks (first fight) larry holmes trevor berbick

How many times did Ali fight Larry Holmes?

once professionally...sparred many times with him

Who did Muhammad Ali lose is championship to?

Ali won the title three times, but only ever lost it once to an opponent, That opponent was Leon Spinks in 1978

How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose during his pro boxing career?

He lost 5Frazier, Norton, Leon Spinks, Holmes and Trevor Berbick5 times

How many losses did Muhammad ali have in his career?

5 losses, to joe frazier (first fight), Kenny norton (first fight), leon spinks (first fight), and in his very last two fights against Larry Holmes and trevor berbick.

How many times did sonny liston and Muhammad Ali fight?


How many times did mohammed ali fight in Madison Square Garden?


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