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he played 63 times and scored 30 goals in the 63 games

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Shearer scored 30 goals in 63 games for England

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Q: How many times did Alan shearer play for England?
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How many championship goals not including friendlies did Alan shearer score for England?


How many bothers ans sister did he have Alan shearer?

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How many goals did England score in the 1998 world cup?

England scored 7 goals in the 1998 World Cup: v Tunisia (Alan Shearer, Paul Scholes) v Romania (Michael Owen) v Colombia (Darren Anderton, David Beckham) v Argentina (Alan Shearer, Michael Owen)

Has Alan shearer missed a penalty at club level?

Yes he has missed, but not many.

How many players that have played for Newcastle United in the premier league have won the champions league?

Alan shearer micky butt Alan smith

How many league goals did Alan shearer score for blackburn rovers?

In the space of four seasons playing for Blackburn Rovers, Alan Shearer scored a total of 130 goals in 171 appearances, including 112 in 138 in the Premier League.

How many footballers have scored over 200 goals in the Premier League?

Only Alan Shearer (260).

Who many gaols is the record scored in a the premia league?

There are three answers to the question: "How many goals is the record scored in the English Premier League?" 1. In a 42-match season the record is 34 - scored by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer 2. In a 38-match season the record is 31 scored by Alan Shearer 3. Since its inception, the highest number of goals scored by one man is 260 (by, well, Alan Shearer)

How many of Alan Shearers premiership goals were penalty kicks?

to tell the truth Alan shearer only missed 5 or 6 penalties in his career

English Premiership All time top scorerwith how many goals?

Alan Shearer with 260 premier league goals

How many goals has Alan shearer scored?

283 goals in 559 caps pretty good! And for England He scored 43 which means overall he scored 326 goals in his career which is amazing! (And he has scored much more than Bobby Petta)

How many goals has allan shearer scored in his career?

Shearer has scored 664 goals in the e.P.L.