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Forward 1 time.... backwards as many times as you want.

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Q: How many times can you throw the ball in one play in American football?
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What is a out line?

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

How high can you throw a baseball a tennis ball a football and a golf ball?


How far could john elway throw a football?

John Elway has thrown a football approximately 90 yards a couple of times in career. However, on average, he tends to throw the ball about 60 yards.

What is a rugby line out?

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

What is Canada's football?

Canada's football is very much like American football... it even harbors all the failures of the NFL but it is different as in they throw the ball alot more and they have different punting.

What is the difference between Australian football and American football?

in American football they where padding gear and helmets and in Aussie rules they don't need too. Also in Australian football they kick the ball and in American football they throw and kick. And American football is way more violent than Australian rules. In Australian football the field is shaped like an oval in American football a rectangle. And in American football the goalpost is a wierd shape in Australian football it is just 4 posts.The rules are different too because American football is about scoring points by adavncing the ball into the endzones in Australian football they kick it between the four posts.Also in Australian football the ball is smaller and rounder than an American football and an American football is bigger and pointed.Also in American football there are loads of penalties.

Throw the ball from one player to another in football?


When was Eric Ball - American football - born?

Eric Ball - American football - was born on 1966-07-01.

When was Michael Ball - American football - born?

Michael Ball - American football - was born on 1964-08-05.

When was Jason Ball - American football - born?

Jason Ball - American football - was born on 1979-03-21.

What do you do in American football?

play with the ball

Why do you need muscular strength in football?

you need it to throw the ball far

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