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When serving, the server can only serve once. If the player misses the ball, the ball goes out of bounce or any mistake like that, it's automatically the other opponents turn.

But if you're talking about during the game play, one single player can only touch the volleyball once, a double-tap would be called by the ref and the other team would get the point and be handed the ball.

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Q: How many times can one player serve in volleyball?
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What is a volleyball server?

a volleyball server is the player who will be serving the ball...A server in vollyball is someone who over hands serve or underhand they get to serve as many times as they want as long as the team they are on is winning. - hoped it helped :)

How many times can you serve volleyball?

In youth wreck, you can serve three times before the ball is handed over to the other team. I think in middle school, high school, and select volleyball, you can serve until you mess up.

How many seconds do you have to serve the volleyball?

if ur 14 and under then you have 5 seconds to serve the volleyball

How many times is a player allowed to serve in volleyball?

It really depends on how old you are:If you are about 3-5 grade that you are only allowed to serve 5 times.But if you are any older it is unlimited.Unless your team messes up and the serve goes to the other team.

How many ways are there to serve a volleyball?


In volleyball how many times can a person stay at a position?

once rotated, you stay in the same position for your teams serve, there teams serve then you rotate again.

How many times can a player hit the ball in volleyball?

any amount of times but they can not hit it twice in a row

How many feet from net do you serve a volleyball?


How many times per volleyball game can you substitute a player?

as many as the coach wants to call for subbing.

How many times in a row can a server serve in volleyball?

They continue serving until their team loses the point, at which stage the serve goes to the opposing team, and when they lose their point it goes back to the first team (and this when the player rotation happens so a new player will be serving).

Who many seconds does a server have to serve in volleyball?

You only have 8 seconds to serve the vollleyball.

How many jumps do the volleyball player for one game?

On average research says 22 times

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