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2 laps+.5


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Q: How many times around a track field equals 1 kilometer?
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How many times around one football field does it take to make a mile?

4 times around the football track equals a mile.

What is 3.0 KM converted to Miles?

There is .62 miles in one kilometer. 3 kilometer times .62 equals 1.86 miles.

How many miles equals 20km?

1 kilometer equals 0.621 miles so 0.621 times 20 equals 12.42 miles.

What is the Automobile Association formula rate per kilometer travel?

The automobile formula, rate per kilometer originated in South Africa. The formula is rate times time equals distance traveled per kilometer.

How many times around the track is 1 kilometer?

2 1/2 laps around a track is one kilometer. Each lap is 400 meters.

How many millimeters are in one kilometer?

There are 1,000,000 millimeters in a kilometer.There are 1,000 millimeters in a meter, and 1,000 meters in a kilometer. 1,000 times 1,000 equals 1,000,000 (one million).

How do you convert from kilometer to meters?

Times by 1000 As 1km equals 1000 metres So, for example, 5km equals 5000 metres

How many times do you have to run around a football field to run a mile?

You have to run four times around a football field to run a mile

What is the What is the difference between a kilometer and perimeter?

a kilometer is a unit of measurement 1000 times longer than a meter; a perimeter id the distance around an area

How many times would have to run back and forth across the length of a football field to run about 1 kilometer?

10 times the average length of a football field is 109.7 meters. By converting this to kilometers we get 0.1097. Times this by 10, and you get 1.097.

How many times do you have to jog around a soccer field to make 6 killometers?

Around a soccer field means 400 meters. So essentially you would have to go around the field 15 times to reach 6 kms.

How many kilometers in an inch?

A handy conversion factor for inches to metric is that 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters. And since there are 100 centimeters in a meter and 1000 meters in a kilometer, the 100 times 1000 equals 100,000 or 105 in scientific notation. If 1 centimeter times 105 equals 1 kilometer, then 10-5 km equals 1 cm. That makes your 1 inch = 2.54 x 10-5 km.There are 0.0000254 kilometres in one inch.

I walked 6 times around the football field how many miles is that?

It is 6 times the perimeter of the football field

How many times runs a lap?

4 times around equals a lap

How many times around a football field is a mile?

4 times

How do you convert kilometer to square kilometer?

you times the given kilometer by itself then that should be your answer

How many times around a tennis court equals a mile?


If there is 4300 meters how many kilometers are there?

a kilometer equals 1000 meters and 1000 goes into 4300 4.3 times, so 4.3 kilometers are in 4300 meters

How many times do you need to run around a football field to get 2 miles?

You need to run all the way around the football field about 8 times to run 2 miles.

How many time around a football field make 4 miles?

16 times around a football field is the same as 4 miles.

How do you calculate field diameter when you change magnification?

Field diameter of lens B equals field diameter of lens A times total magnification of lens A divided by total magnification of lens B

What is the relationship between a kilometer and a meter?

A kilometer is one thousand times longer than one meter. Eg. One meter times a thousand is one kilometer.

How many times do you have to run around a track to run a mile?

4 Times around equals 1600 metres and a mile is 1609 metres.

What times what equals 120?

10 times 12 equals 120.

How far is 150000 miles?

150,000 miles equals to about 3.57 times around the earth.