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as a pro, 86 times.

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Q: How many times Walter Payton fumbled the football?
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How many pro bowls was Walter Payton selected for?

Walter Payton was selected to the Pro Bowl 9 times: (1976-1980, and 1983-1986).

Who fumble the most Clinton portis or Marion barber?

For the 2008 season, Marion Barber fumbled 7 times and Clinton Portis fumbled 3 times.

How many fumbles did Tom Brady have?

He has fumbled 80 times in his career

How many times did Barry Sanders fumble the ball in his pro carreer?

Barry Sanders fumbled the ball 41 times in his career. He fumbled the ball 10 times in his rookie season, so nearly 25% of all of his fumbles came in his first year of playing with the Detroit Lions.

Which team has had the most fumbles in a Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, the Buffalo Bills fumbled 8 times setting the record. Dallas fumbled 4 times in the game and the 12 total fumbles is also a record for a Super Bowl game.

Which dallas quarterback fumbled a record 5 times in 4 Super Bowl games?

Roger Staubach.

Which New England Patriot has never fumbled in his life?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis had the distinction of never fumbling the football when he played for the New England Patriots. Green-Ellis played for the Patriots from 2008-2011. In those 4 seasons he carried the ball 510 times for 3,183 yards and had 0 fumbles. However, his streak of never fumbling the ball broke in 2012 as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, when he fumbled the ball 3 times.

Dallas football player who fumbled five times in super bowl games?

Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Roger Staubach has the dubious distinction of fumbling 5 times in the Super Bowl (over the course of 4 games). He holds the NFL Record for most fumbles and also has the honor of being tied (with Jim Kelly and Frank Reich both of the Buffalo Bills) for the single game record with three fumbles in a single game. He fumbled three times versus the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl X.

How many fumbles did Jerome Bettis have in his career?

During the regular season, Jerome Bettis fumbled a total of 41 times in his career.

Who holds the record for most fumbles in 2008?

your mom! she fumbled my balls from her mouth in total of 47 times.. got a good tounge!

Who fumbled 7 times in single NFL game?

7 - Len Dawson, Kansas City vs. San Diego, Nov. 15, 1964

How many times has Italy beaten Germany in football?

8 times in a major football tournament.

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