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Q: How many times Pakistan won british open squash championships?
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What are some famous squash players?

Jajangir Khan of Pakistan, the legend that remain unbeaten fro consecutive 555 matches and Jansher Khan also from Pakistan, who wins 6 times British open

How many times have pakistan won T20?

Only once. in 2009. Here is the summary of T20 world cup 2007: Winner - India; Runners Up - Pakistan 2009: Winner - Pakistan; Runners Up - Srilanka 2010: Winner - England; Runners up - Australia

When was Pakistan Times created?

Pakistan Times was created in 2002.

How many times has Greg Norman finished second?

Greg won two majors: the 1986 and 1993 British Opens.

How many times bigger is Pakistan than the UK?

If you just consider the area of the mainland U.K. and Northern Ireland, then Pakistan is bigger. But, if you consider many incorporated territories of U.K., then it is bigger than Pakistan and even some Asian and African countries.

How many times has Pakistan reached the worldcup?

Pakistan reached worldcup for thee times.

Which side is better in cricket India or Pakistan?

They have played against each other many times Pakistan has beaten them 88 times and India has beat Pakistan 56 times.

What are the famous newspaper in Pakistan and why?

Pakistan times because it represents.

What are the sporting achievements by Pakistan?

Cricket:Cricket has a huge following and based on attendance figures at games.Almost all districts and neighborhoods in Pakistan have a cricket team and people start playing from a young age. Pakistan has won international cricket events which include the 1992 Cricket World Cup and the 2009 ICC World Twenty20.Pakistan also finished as runner up in 1999 World Cup and 2007 World Twenty20.Pakistan's cricket teams take part in domestic competitions such as the ABN AMRO Cup, the ABN-AMRO Patron's Trophy, ABN-AMRO Twenty-20 Cup, and the ABN-AMRO Champions Trophy. International test and one-day matches are played between the Pakistan national team and foreign opponents regularly. The Pakistan Cricket Board controls both the men's and women's games. Women's Cricket is also very popular, with Kiran Baluch holding the current record of the highest score in a women's test match with her 242 runs.Notable Cricketers from Pakistan include:Aaqib JavedRamiz RajaShoaib AkhtarWasim AkramZaheer AbbasJaved MiandadSaeed AnwarMuhammad YousafInzamam-ul-HaqWaqar YounisShahid AfridiMuhammad BrothersImran Khan.Field Hockey:The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is the national governing body of field hockey in Pakistan. The Pakistan Hockey Federation Women Wing (PHFWW) is the official organization of Women's Field Hockey in Pakistan. The Pakistan men's team has won 3 gold medals at the Olympics and lifted the Hockey World Cup 4 times, a World Record. It has also won the most number of Asian gold medals and is the only Asian team to have won the prestigious Champions Trophy with 3 titles.It has been consistently ranked amongst the top teams in the world. Notable players include:Arshad KhanMohammed SaqlainWaseem Ahmad.Squash:Squash is another popular Sport that has a large following in Pakistan, with Pakistan dominating the sport for a period of time. Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan are considered legends of the Sport and have won several World Squash Championships and other tournaments.Pakistani players have won the Squash World Open 17 times, and British Open 12 times, the highest by any nation.Carla Khan, one of Pakistan's most successful Sportswomen, is one of a number of men and women who represent Pakistan. The Pakistan Squash Federation is the governing body of the Sport in the country. The Pakistan Open tournament is one of the premier events of the Sport in the country. Every province of the country holds its own men's and women's championships.Some other notable players from Pakistan include: Hashim Khan, Torsam Khan and Qamar Zaman.

How many times has shaquille o'neal won the nba championships?

4 times

How many times did Pakistan win the world cup?

Pakistan have won the field hockey men's Champions Trophy three times out of the 30 competitions held so far. They won the inaugural title in 1978 in Lahore (Pakistan) and also the second, in 1980 at Karachi (Pakistan). Their next and last title win was in 1994, at Lahore (Pakistan).

How many times is Pakistan bigger than Egland?

Pakistan is just over six times the size of England.