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Q: How many times India has scored below 100 in odi's?
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How many times India scored more than 400 in odi?

4 times when India reached 400+ where Sehwagh scored 3 century.

How many times India lost the match when sachin scored in centuries?

13 times

How many times India have scored 300 while chasing?


How many time India scored 4oo plus in odi?

4 times

How many times India scored over 350 runs in odi?

14 timesType your answer here...

How many one day's India won when sachin scored hundred?

sachin have score 44 centuries and out of that we have won 35 times and only 12 times India have lost when he have score century.......

How many times has India scored over 300 runs in ODI?

India has scored 62 times 300+ score (wasted a chance to score more than 300 in 12th march 2011 ICC WC match against SA). It is tied with Australia for highest number of 300+ totals. India has also scored 3 times 400+ score (highest number of times than any other team). This shows the batting prowess of India. :) -----As of 12th March 2011 Rohit

How many centuries kapildev scored in odi?

Kapil Dev Just Scored One Century in ODI Cricket for India.

How many times 400 scored by teams in odi?

9 times

How many times has martin brodeur scored a goal?

2 times

How many one day's India won when sehwag scored hundred?


How many test matches did India win when sachin scored a century?

On the 43 occasions when Sachin Tendulkar has hit a Test century, India have converted his good form into a victory 16 times. Tendulkar has never scored a century in two consecutive innings, and therefore, never twice in the same match.