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India qualified once for the world cup in 1950.

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Q: How many times India has qualified for soccer world cup?
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How many times did Germany qualified for the world cup of soccer?

The united Germany qualified five times for the world cup.

How many times has Portugal qualified for world cup soccer?

203352 times

How many times has Australia qualified for the soccer world cup?

4 times

How many times did India qualified for final of cricket world cup?

India has qualified for finals for thrice.Out of which India won twice.

How many times has Bolivia won the world soccer cup?

Bolivia have qualified for a world cup. But they have not yet won it.

How many times have australia qualified for the soccer world cup?

17 times best result in 2006 pre quarter final!

How many times has Slovenia soccer qualified for the world cup?

Slovenia has only ever qualified for the World Cup finals once, in 2002, where they failed to progress beyond the group stages.

How many times has India competed in the world cup?

India Qualified for the 1950 world cup, but as they wanted to play barefoot , which was against F .I .F .A rules, they withdrew.

What US soccer team has qualified for the world cup 2010?

The U.S.A has not yet qualified for the 2010 world cup.

Does India have a national soccer team in the FIFA World Cup?

Even though they qualified for the 1950 world cup , they did not play a game, as thet wanted to play bare foot.

What nation qualified for 16 soccer world cups?

Brazil has qualified for every world cup since it began in 1930.

When was the last time nz qualified for the soccer world cup?