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Five times in twelve career meetings. The Raiders have lost their last three meetings with the Saints.

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Q: How many times Has the raiders beat the saints?
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How Many Times Did The Raiders Beat The 49ers?

how many times do you think raiders beat the 49ers

How many times have the stellers beat the raiders?

the steelers to correct u have beat the raiders 6 times

How many times has the raiders beat the chargers?

7 times

How many times did the raiders beat the patriots?

198 times

How many times have chargers won the raiders in the NFL history?

Chargers have beat the Raiders 44 times. Raiders have beat the Chargers 54 times and there has been 2 tied games in these teams NFL history.

How many times the raiders beat the cardinals?


How many times has the broncos beat the raiders?


How many times has the raiders beat the chargers in a row?


How many times has San Diego Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders in Oakland?

As of 2008 the Chargers have won the Raiders 10 times in a row.

How many times has the saints beat the redskins?

Through the 2008 season, the Saints have defeated the Redskins 7 times and the Redskins have defeated the Saints 15 times.

How many times has Oakland Raiders beat Miami Dolphins?


How many time have the Raiders beat the Chargers?

13 times in history

How many times did the eagles beat the saints?


How many times have the Vikings beat the Saints?


How many times did the New Orleans Saints beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Saints beat the Steelers seven times. They played each other 14 times in their history.

How many times has green bay beat the saints?


How many times did the Redskins beat the saints overall?

Washington is ahead 15-8 over the Saints.

How many times San Francisco 49ers beat Oakland Raiders in last decade?

14 consecutive times.

How many times have the 49ers beat the raiders?

According to Pro Football Reference, through the 2007 season the 49ers and Raiders have met 11 times and the 49ers have won 5 of those games.

How many times has saints won the packers?

Awww man who da say day gonna beat dem saints?!? Answer be niggity syx times yo.

How many times the chargers beat the Raiders?

13 times in a row thus far. And it will be 14 after Sunday Oct. 10th Mark!

How many times have the New York Giants beat the New Orleans Saints?

14 times in 26 games entering 2012.

How many times have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl?

Only one time,they beat the Oakland Raiders in 2002

How many times did the Oakland Raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Through the 2012 season, the Raiders have an 11-9 lead over the Steelers in regular season meetings. The teams are tied 3-3 in the postseason.

How many times has the Cowboys beat the Saints?

Through the 2014 season, the Cowboys lead the series 16-11, although the Saints have won eight of the the past 10 meetings.