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Eric Cantona got sent of 6 times in the premiership.

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Q: How many times Eric cantona sent off in premiership?
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Did Eric cantona have a Liverpool tattoo?

Eric Cantona did not have a Liverpool tattoo. He played against Liverpool's longtime rival, Manchester United, for many years.

How many appearances did Eric Cantona have for Manchester United?


How many goals did Eric Cantona score in total for Manchester United?

In Total Eric Cantona scored 64 goals for Manchester United in 144 Appearances.

How many man utd players since 1992 have a surname that ends in a?

3 Eric Cantona John O'Shea Patrice Evra 3 Eric Cantona John O'Shea Patrice Evra

How many goals did Eric Cantona score in his first season at Manchester United?

Eric cantona scored 9 league goals in his first season he played 22 league games and 1 fa cup game

How many times man utd you won premiership?

man utd have won the premiership 10 times

How many times has Manchester United won the premiership?

Manchester United won the premiership 11 times.

How many football games did Eric cantona play for Manchester united?

143 games, scoring 80 goals.

How many times tottenham won the premiership?

0 times

How many times have asenal won the premiership?

3 times

How many times have Manchester won the premiership?

18 Times!

How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership, The Premiership was formed in 1992. They have however won the league 18 times.

How many leeds utd players have played for Manchester utd?

Eric Cantona, Michel Silvestre and Alan smith are the ones.

How many times have Liverpool won the premiership?

18 times, mate.

How many times Chelsea you won premiership?


How many times has Liverpool won the premiership?


How many times has Newcastle won the premiership?


How many times has collingwood won the premiership?


How many times have arsenal won the epl premiership?

they have won it 3 times

Overall how many times did arsenal win the premiership?


How many times has arsenal beat Liverpool in the premiership?


How many times have Everton won the Premiership?

Everton have never won the Premiership. They did however, win the old First Division title 9 times.

How many times have man utd beat arsenal in the premiership?

71 times in the league

How many times has Chelsea won the premiership?

Chelsea have won the premiership on three diffrent times. Twice under Jose Moutinho and fifty years earlier.

How many times has arsenal won the English premiership league?