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Derek Jeter has been on the Yankees team that won the World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009. He was also on the teams that lost the Series in 2001 and 2003.

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Q: How many time has jeter won the world series?
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How many World Series championships did Derek Jeter win?

Derek Jeter is a five time World Series champion.1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2009.

How many home runs does Derek Jeter have in November?

Derek Jeter hit one home run in November during his career. It was in game 4 of the 2001 World Series, which began on October 31st, Jeter hit a game-winning home run after midnight in the bottom of the tenth inning.This was the first time a game was played in the month of November.

How has Derek Jeter made a difference in baseball?

-The Yankees wouldn't have a third baseman because A-Rod would be at short. -Derek Jeter was troy Tulowitzki's idol, so he wouldn't be as good as he is. -He was a key part to 5 World Series. -He wouldn't have given us the greatest world series of all time (2000)(Mr. November home run).

When was the last time the Yankees have won the world weries?

The New York Yankees won their last World Series in 2009, making it their 27th of 40 appearances it the World Series. Notables on this team include Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriquez, Robinson Cano, Jorge Posada, Johnny Damon, C.C. Sabathia and Mariano Rivera.

How many World Series wins does Jim Palmer have?

Jim Palmer is a three-time World Series champion. He had a 4-2 record in World Series games.

Who is Derek Jeter?

Derek Sanderson Jeter is an American professional baseball player. He is a Major League Baseball (MLB) shortstop who has played his entire career (1995--present) for the New York Yankees. He has served as the Yankees' team captain since 2003. Jeter's presence in the Yankees' lineup, highlighted by his hitting prowess, played an instrumental role in the team's late 1990s dynasty, which won four World Series championships. Jeter debuted in the Major Leagues in 1995, and the following year, he won the Rookie of the Year Award and helped the Yankees win the 1996 World Series. , Jeter became the only player to win both the All-Star Game MVP Award and the World Series MVP Award in the same year. He has been selected as an All-Star ten times, and he has won the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards on three occasions. . Jeter is considered to be one of the best players of his generation. He is the all-time Yankees hit leader, passing Hall of Fame member Lou Gehrig in 2009.

How many times has the World Series ended in 4 games?

Through the 2010 World Series, 20 of the 106 Series have been decided in four games, the last time being in 2007 and the first time in 1907.

How many times have Kansas City won the World Series?

The Kansas City Royals won the World Series one time in 1985.

How many world series the cub's won?

they only won 1 that was back in 1908 the last time they were in the world series was back in 1945

How many time have the Angels won the World Series?

Once in 2002.

How many time have the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series two times. They won in 1907 and in 1908.

How many times did the New York Yankees win the World Series in 2011?

The Yankees did not win the World Series in 2011. Also a team can only win the World Series one time each season.

How many years did the Red Sox wait between World Series victories?

The Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. They had last won the World Series in 1918. That is a time span of 86 years.

How many time have the pirates won the world series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have won the World Series 5 times: In 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971 and 1979

How many time cubs won the world series?

The Cubs Never won the world seires but the played in it .

How many time has cal state been to the college world series?


Who has the record for the most hits in a world series game?

I really do not know but all i found was is Derek Sanderson Jeter holds the all time record remember he beat the hall of fame in 2009. That is Paul Molitor of the Milwaukee Brewers with 5 base hits in Game 1 of the 1982 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals ... all 5 were singles.

What do pumpkins have to do with the World Series?

Pumpkins have to do with the World Series, because the world series is played around the same time Halloween is.

In how many career games has Derek Jeter played?

Derek Jeter played in 2,747 career games, making him the New York Yankees' all-time leader in the category.

How many times have the Cubs been to the World Series?

The Cubs have been in the World Series 10 times. They won it twice in back to back years 1907 & 1908. The last time the Cubs were in the World Series was in 1945 against the Detroit Tigers. See this list for all the World Series winners

How many time have the athletics been to the World Series?

They have been to the World Series 11 times .

How many World Series rings does Josh Beckett have?

Josh Beckett is a two time World Series champion, winning in 2003 with the Florida Marlins and in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox. He was also the 2003 World Series MVP.

How many stolen bases does Derek Jeter need to become the all-time leader for the New York Yankees?

On May 28, 2011, Derek Jeter stole his 327th base, becoming the Yankees all-time leader.

How many times has the nationals won the World Series?

The Washington Nationals have one 1 World series championship which was in 2019. This was the first time in franchise history. However, Washington did win the World Series in 1924 as the Washington Senators.

When was the last time the Rockies won a World Series?

Never. The 2007 World Series is the first World Series the Rockies have been in.