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Bill shankley 0 runner up of the European cup in 1966 Joe fagan 1 European cup (1984) Bob paisley 3 European cup's (1977) (1978) (1981) Rafa Benitez 1 European cup (2005) YNWA :)

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Q: How many time has Liverpool won the European cup with manager bill Shankly?
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Who managed Liverpool after Bill Shankly?

Immediately following Bill Shankly as manager of Liverpool F.C. was Bob Paisley, who became manager on August 26, 1974.

What is Bill Shankly famous for?

William "Bill" Shankly is most famous for his work as a footballer and manager, he is of Scottish origin and managed Liverpool FC football team, he is widely regarded as one of footballs greatest managers.

Who was the best player for Liverpool fc in 1973?

Bill Shankly

Who managed Liverpool when they won?

Bill shankly, bob paisley

Who has won the fa cup in 1938 as player and in 1965 as a manager?

Bill Shankly won the FA Cup in 1938 on Preston as a player, and with Liverpool in 1965 as a manager. This was the first time Liverpool had ever won the FA Cup.

How many league titles did bill shankly win with Liverpool?


What year was Bill Shankly appointed manager?

1959... December 1 1959

What is the birth name of Bill Shankly?

Bill Shankly's birth name is William Shankly.

Have Liverpool been in the championship?

Not since the great Bill Shankly got us up back in 61/62

When did Liverpool win there first cup?

under Bill Shankly they won it in 64.65 when St.John headed us home

When was Bill Shankly born?

Bill Shankly was born on September 2, 1913.

What is Bill Shankly's birthday?

Bill Shankly was born on September 2, 1913.