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Arsenal have NEVER won the European Champions League. They have come close many times, most recently when they reached the final in 2006.

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Q: How many time did arsenal won european champion league title?
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Arsenal league title wins?


How many title have arsenal won?

13 League Titles (3 of them in the Barclays Premier league) 10 FA-cups 2 League cup 1 European Cup

What titles Jeff hardy won?

WWE Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; Hardcore Champion; European Champion; Light Heavyweight Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; World Heavyweight Champion

How many league title have arsenal won all together?

Arsenal have won 52 trophies so far.

How many Ghana plays win champion league title?

I do not think any players from Ghana have won a champion league as yet.

How many champion league title does Chelsea has?

1 - from this year!

Did Arsenal win the Premier League in 2005?

No it was won by Chelsea, their first title in 50 years but Arsenal did win the F.A.Cup

How many times did Chelsea win the European champions league titles?

Chelsea have failed to win the Champion League title upto this year, even though they have failed they have reached the final many times.

Who was the last European Champion European Champion?

Rob Van Dam was the actual last holder of the title but since he unified it with Intercontinental Championship, he's not considered the last European Champion. The one that had it before him is Jeff Hardy.

Which team is the current Champion's League Title Holder?

inter milan

How many league title has Chelsea?

Champion Legue is not evading Chelsea anymore.

Who won the most the champions league title from England?

Liverpool have won the most champion league titles with 5 trophies.