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never because Casillas is too beast and wayne rooney is god awful

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5 times

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Q: How many time Real Madrid defeat Manchester United?
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When did ronaldo join real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009.

Which club won most times between real Madrid and manchester united?

It is Real Madrid.

What team was David Beckham on in 1993?

Manchester United

What are the three most famous soccer team in the Europe?

The top three soccer teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. My favorites are Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Who played for Manchester united arsenal Chelsea Liverpool and in Spain?

There are a few Michael Owen played for Liverpool , Manchester United and real Madrid. Nickolas Anelka played for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Chelsea. Diego Forlan has played for Manchester United and Villarreal and Athletico < Madrid.

Will ribery go to Manchester united?

no. but he will go to real Madrid

What is the best team at soccer?

manchester united and real madrid

Did real Madrid give there best player to Manchester united after munich crash?

No, Manchester United played the rest of the season with reserve and youth players. Real Madrid did not give any players to Manchester United. That is a very strange rumour

Who has won more trophies real Madrid fc or Manchester United fc?

Real Madrid has won more trophies than Manchester United, having won 71 titles, while Manchester have only 56.

Will CRonaldo leave united for real Madrid?

Christiano Ronaldo has already joined Real Madrid from Manchester United, for 80 million pounds.

How many times Manchester united win real Madrid?


How many times real Madrid play Manchester united?