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Q: How many tickets sold in 2011-2012 super bowl game?
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How much are super-bowl tickets at the satidum?

You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game. You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game. You can't buy them at the stadium except from scalpers. Super Bowl tickets are sold out long before the game.

What is in a Super Bowl package?

A Super Bowl Package is typically comprised of the following: * Flight to and from the Super Bowl * Hotel Accomodations * Hotel Transfer * Pre-Game Tailgate Package * and possibly a Super Bowl Ticket* * Definately make sure that any Super Bowl Package you are think about purchasing has tickets to the game.

What Super Bowl was the first to feature tickets with holograms for security reasons?

The first Super Bowl to have tickets with holograms for security reasons was Super Bowl XXV. The game was played on January 27, 1991 with the New York Giants beating the Buffalo Bills by a score of 20-19.

When will tickets for Super Bowl 47 be on sale?

Tickets are on sale right now. They go on sales right after the previous year's game is played

Are old Super Bowl sport tickets considered sports memorabilia?

You could certainly consider old Super Bowl tickets sports memorabilia since many people would love to own a copy of history of the game.

How many Super Bowl tickets does each player get that plays in the Super Bowl?

The number of tickets each team gets is based on a percentage of the seating capacity of the stadium where the Super Bowl is being held. The two teams that are playing in the game each get 17.5 percent of the total tickets and the other 28 teams each get 1.2 percent of the total tickets.

What is the cheapest price paid for a seat at the Super Bowl game?

It is not possible to get cheap super bowl tickets. The question should be how to get super bowl tickets because they are sold out because of the popularity of the professional football team sport. Super bowl tickets are expensive because it is a cumulative of the finest in football players and is in a high demand in regards to getting viewers to watch the sports competition.

Do all nfl players get free tickets to each game they play in?

No, If you are not playing in the Super Bowl you do not get free tickets to it.

How many tickets do players in patriots game get?

Super Bowl participants get 17.5% of the ticket allocation for the game. Players usually get 4 tickets per person but are allowed, by the CBA, to purchase more tickets at face value from the owner.

When did it go from championship to Super Bowl?

"Super Bowl" was pretty much always an unofficial nickname for it, though the tickets for the first three games (1967, 1968, 1969) were printed as "World Championship Game".

What year did the Super Bowl appear on the ticket?

The Super Bowl didn't appear on the ticket until the fourth Super Bowl. The two teams were the Kansas City Chiefs who defeated the Minnesota Vikings. It also had the words "Fourth World Championship Game" printed on it. Also at the bottom, t The Super Bowl III ticket had the words "Third World Championship Game" The first two Super Bowls had the words "World Championship Game" printed on it. By the fifth Superbowl, the lone designation on the ticket was "Super Bowl". However, on the "Super Bowl" tickets, there usually a designation of the "AFC-NFC Championship Game" in small print. This eliminated the old name of the AFL and NFL, so that the tickets showed that there was now a single league, with two conferences.

What is the best way to get Bowl Game tickets?

Super Bowl tickets for the general public are not readily available. I think I read on average 60,000 seat stadium 4,000 tickets would go to the general public. Of course they sell out in a nano-second. As such, you most likely have to buy from the secondary market Do a bit of research... don't ever pay hefty hidden fees.