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212 Wickets from 53 Tests

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Q: How many test wickets did sir Richard hadlee take for the nz cricket team?
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How many wickets taken by wasim akram in test cricket?

414 wickets.

How many times did Richard Hadlee get married?

1000289420542123896 times.

How many wickets did Muralitharan took in test match cricket?

800 wickets in 133 tests.

How many wickets has mark boucher in cricket?


How many wickets did Wasim Akram took in one day cricket?

502 wickets in 356 matches.

How many wickets did England take in the final of the twenty20 cricket World Cup in 2010?

6 wickets

How many wickets of wasim akram in odi cricket?


In cricket how many yard between the wickets?

150 yards in test cricket

How many times Shane Warne took 5 wickets in an innings in Test Cricket?

Shane Warne has taken 5 wickets 37 times in an inning of Test Cricket.

How many wickets has Muralidharan taken in cricket world cups?

67.He is on number second in taking most world cup wickets after Glenn McGrath with 71 wickets.

How many wickets wasim akram took in test cricket?

Wasim Akram took 414 Test Match wickets for Pakistan

How many wickets does waqar younis takes in odi?

502 in odi cricket...