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So far Richie McCaw has scored 21 tries for the all blacks in 123 appearances.

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Q: How many test matches has Richie mccaw had?
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How long has Richie mccaw been captain of the new zealand rugby team - all blacks?

Tana Umaga

Does Richie Mccaw have children?

yes he has a younger sister names Jo who plays netball for Canterbury.

Who has the highest number of test match for the all blacks?

Richie McCaw is the first ever All Black to play 100 test matches for the All Blacks. On 24th September 2011 at the Rugby World Cup 2011 he was awarded the first ever 'White Cap' for 100 test appearances for the All Blacks.

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How many Test matches Australia has won so far?

Out of 730 Test matches played; Australia has won 341 matches upto July 2011.

How many test matches has yuvraj played?

Yuvraj Singh played 33 test matches (as on August 22, 2010).

How many test matches have been played between India and South Africa?

24 test matches (As Of November 2010)

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