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Q: How many tennis balls did Andre Agassi have to hit in one day as a child?
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Five children share 27 tennis balls equally how many balls they have?

Each child gets five intact tennis balls to play with.The last two tennis balls are cut up in five pieces. Each child gets an additional 0.4 of a ball,which does nobody any good.

Where can you find a great tennis camp?

Sports camps in the summer for kids have become very popular. There are several tennis camps available. First check with any colleges and universities in your state to see if they offer tennis camps over the summer. Typically your child spends a week at the camp and is housed in the college's dormitories. These camps are generally affordable and provide great instruction and experience for your child. You can also go to a more intense (and more expensive) camp such as Nick Bolletieri's Tennis Academy in Florida. Nick Bolletieri has coached several well known professional players such as Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova. Your child stays in lodgings at the Academy campus and has rigors physical, tennis, and mental training. This type of tennis camp is geared for serious tennis players that are highly competitive. Consult with your local tennis pro and/or check out Tennis magazine for further tennis camp information.

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How many children does Andre the Giant have?

Andre the Giant has 1 child

Name the child who is representing Singapore to play against Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf for charity in the French Open?

Check out this site:

What are balls?

Balls are a spherical shape that has the diameter of PiR2. These spherical object are made in many sizes both by man and by nature. When man made, it is usually a child's plaything and is made of rubber, latex, or other material. Many types of balls for sports exist. Some of the more common ones are soccer balls, basket balls, footballs, rugby balls, golf balls, and tennis balls. Note that all these objects are different sizes designed for the sport in which it is used.

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about 1,000

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