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Q: How many technical fouls can someone receive before they are ejected from a high school basketball game?
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How many personal fouls can someone receive before they are ejected from any basketball game?

five before there rejected and six there out

What are the four types of fouls in basketball?

Offensive, defensive, technical, and flagrant. Offensive is when your team has the ball and is trying to score and someone on your team fouls a defensive player. Defensive is the opposite of offensive. Technical is when a player or is being unsportsmanlike to a player, coach, or ref. If you are T'd up (called for a technical foul) twice, you are ejected from the game and may receive fines or suspensions depending on how often you get technical fouls and the reason you got the technical foul. Flagrant is intentionally fouling a player very hard, typically resulting in injury/ies. Examples are stopping a layup by checking someone with your body (imagine Shaquille O'Neal colliding with Steve Nash and think of the impact). If the flagrant foul is bad enough, it can become a flagrant 2. If you get a flagrant 2 you are ejected immediately.

Can you get jail time for beating someone up?

The technical term for "beating someone up" is Assault, and yes, you can receive time in jail or even in prison for it.

What is Water polo exclusion?

it is when someone is 'ejected' from the pool for 20 seconds

What is basketball player?

A basketball players is someone who plays basketball. What did you think? If you don't know what basketball is ask someone because they will know. :)

What is a technical violation in basketball?

A technical foul are most called when a basketball player starts playing rough. For example, if someone fouls a player on purpose like pulling him down using his arms. These are called "flagrant fouls" they result in free throws. Or arguing with the referee. Swing your fist at another player or even your own team mates. Both coaches and players can get technical fouls.

What is carry in basketball?

when someone runs holding the basketball

What is โ€œcarryโ€ in basketball?

when someone runs holding the Basketball

What is carrying basketball?

when someone runs holding the Basketball

What were the effects on someone playing basketball?

playing basketball make you strong

What is a scorer in basketball?

Someone that scores

How many players in basketball play the game?

If someone is in basketball, they play the game.

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No, playing basketball will not make someone taller. Basketball can help you run faster and remain active.

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== == When someone shoots the basketball and it goes through the net with out touching the rim

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Yes, there are. Some good basketball training videos for someone with no skills can be found on this website:

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Is it a foul if you hit someone with a basketball during the game?

Yes, if it is intentionally. Its okay if it get knocked out of your hands or just slip of your hands but if just intentionally throw it out of anger or some other reason then it could possibly be a technical or worse.