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Through Super Bowl XLII, none. The fewest points scored by a team in a Super Bowl game is 3 by the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. The Dolphins lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 24-3.

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Q: How many teams scored no points in Super Bowl history?
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Which of the three teams that lost 4 super bowls scored the least points?

That would be the Minnesota Vikings who scored 34 points in their four losses. The Denver Broncos scored 50 points in their four losses and the Buffalo Bills scored 73 points in their four losses.

What teams scored the lowest combined points total in NFL history?

3-0 steelers over dolphins

Who scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl game?

Super Bowl 6, between Miami and Dallas, resulted in the fewest points scored for a single team. Dallas won, 24-3. The Super Bowl that was the lowest scoring total (for both teams) was Super Bowl 7, between Miami and Washington. A total of 21 points were scored when Miami won, 14-7.

What is the highest number of points ever scored by teams in a super bowl?

65 points in total is the record with San Francisco beating Denver 55-10 in 1989

Which team has scored the most points in a Super Bowl game?

Team with highest Super Bowl score: The San Francisco 49ers scored 55 points in Super Bowl XXIV (1990) defeating the Denver Broncos 55-10. Teams with highest combined Super Bowl scores: As of 2011, the most points were scored in Super Bowl XXIX (1995). The 49'ers played the San Diego Chargers and won 49-26. The 75 total points is a Super Bowl record.

Was there a Super Bowl with zero points?

No. Through Super Bowl XLII, the fewest points a team has scored in the Game is 3 (Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys 24, Miami Dolphins 3). The fewest point both teams have scored is 21 (Super Bowl VII - Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7).

What two teams scored the most points in the first quarter of the super bowl?

pats 14 packers 10 superbowl 31 1997 by MUZ

What was the fewest points scored by both teams in an entire half of a super bowl?

2 in the first half of Super Bowl IX ... the score at halftime was Steelers 2, Vikings 0.

What teams scored the fewest total points in a Super Bowl game?

Up to and including Super Bowl XLVIII, the team which scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl was the 1971 Miami Dolphins who scored only 3 points against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI played on January 16, 1972. The final score was Dallas 24, Miami 3. Interestingly enough, Miami remains the only teams to lose a Super Bowl and return the following year to win. Not only that, the following year, Miami became the only NFL team to have an undefeated season.

How many NFL teams scored 33 points in 2011?


How many NFL teams scored 33 points?

In 2010 none!!

How many nfl teams have scored 19 points in a game?


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