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Q: How many teams scored more goals than they conceded?
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How many goals have been scored in premier league this season so far?

Until 28 November they played 15 matches, scored 32 goals and conceded 17 goals.

For and against mean in football tables?

for means how many goals the team have scored against means how many they have conceded

How many times was Argentina runner up in wolrd cup?

In the competition proper, Argentina have qualified for the World Cup on fifteen occasions, missing just four World Cup competitions. They withdrew from the competition in 1938, 1950 and 1954, and failed to qualify for the 1970 competition.Their goal-scoring record in the remaining competitions are:1930 - Scored 18, Conceded 9 (2nd place)1934 - Scored 2, Conceded 3 (exited in the first round)1958 - Scored 5, Conceded 10 (exited in the first round)1966 - Scored 4, Conceded 2 (quarter finals)1978 - Scored 15, Conceded 4 (champions)1982 - Scored 8, Conceded 7 (exited in the second round)1986 - Scored 14, Conceded 5 (champions)1990 - Scored 5, Conceded 4 (2nd place)1994 - Scored 8, Conceded 6 (round of 16)1998 - Scored 10, Conceded 4 (quarter finals)2002 - Scored 2, Conceded 2 (exited in the first round)2006 - Scored 11, Conceded 3 (quarter finals)Excluding the 2010 tournament, this is a total of 118 goals from 18 competitions. In comparison, they have conceded 71 goals.

How many English teams have scored 100 goals in Europe?


How many English teams have scored 100 goals in European football?


How many English football teams have scored 100 goals in Europe?


How many goals did Manchester United score in the 1996-97 Premier League season?

Manchester United scored 76 goals in the 1996-97 Premier League season, and conceded 44 goals.

How many goals scored in 1 NHL game with both teams goals together?

15! ya i know

How many teams in the NHL have scored two empty net goals in a single game?


What does goals against mean in soccer?

Goals "For" are the ones your team scores. Goals "Against" are the ones scored against your team. The totals are used in tournament group play to determine tie-breakers if point totals are equal. So Goal Difference is Goals 'For' - Goals 'Against'

How many NHL teams have scored 2 empty net goals in a single game?

Fail adam

How many goals did Bojan score for the youth team?

Bojan scored 889 goals in his 7 years in the various Barcelona youth teams