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TdF isn't a race between nations, it's a race between teams of professional riders. These teams will usually have members of several different nationalities.

While a team may be based in France, and even have majority of French riders, it's still not a team officially representing France.

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Q: How many teams represent France in the Tour De France?
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How many teams in the tour de France?


How many teams entered in the tour de France?

In the year 2010, there are 22 teams.

How many teams entered the Tour De France in 2011?


How many participants in tour de France 2008?

20 teams of 9 riders each provides for 180 participants in the 2008 Tour de France.

How many teams are in the le tour de france running race?

The most well known Tour de France is a bicycle race, not a running race.

How many riders in the Tour de France and how many teams?

Between 18-22 teams with 9 riders in each.

How many countries race in the tour de France?

TdF isn't raced on a nationality basis, it's raced by professional teams. Each team only represent itself, and can have riders from several different countries.

How many teams ride specialized in tour de France?

Two. Astana and Saxo Bank

How many people do the tour of France?

There are typically around 20 teams, although it varies each year. Each team with 9 riders.

What do the four color bands on many racing bikes represent?

it usually means that that type of bike has won in the Olympics, or the tour de france

How many teams participating in the Tour in 2015?

According to the Tour official site, there are 22 teams participating.

How many times has France won the tour de France?

Tour de France isn't raced by countries, it's raced by teams of professional riders, usually from several different countries. The winning rider will be representing his teammuch more than his country.

How many pages does A Little Tour in France have?

A Little Tour in France has 255 pages.

How many French cyclists in the 2012 tour de France?

how many cyclists in 2012 tour de france

How many teams represent Dubai in the uae football league?

five teams represent uae fooball

How many stages in the 2015 Tour de France?

There are always 21 stages in the Tour de France.

How many teams use Pinarello bikes on the tour de France?

I think one team this year Caisee D'Epargne the Spanish team Rode Pinarello Prince Bikes

How many people are taking part in tour de France 2014?

About 200 riders. 9 in each team and about 22 teams. Then hordes of support personnel.

How many times did the Tour de France run?

There have been 99 additions of the the Tour de France, starting in 1903. The 2013 Tour will be the 100th.

How many summit finishes are there in le tour de France?

There are eight summit finishes in the Tour de France.

How many teams tour for Harlem globetrotters?


How many Tour de France sprints did Mario Cippollini win?

Cipollini won 12 stage of the Tour de France.

How many times has the tour de France been run?

0 times because nobody has run the tour de france

How many tour de France did Bob Roll start?

Bob Roll has competed in three Tour De France competitions.

How many riders are there in le tour de France 2009?

There were 199 riders starting the 2009 tour.