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There are 16 Australian Rugby League teams.

There are thinking of introducing 4 more new teams.

There are thousands of rugby league teams throughout Australia. Rugby League is played from school-age level, right up through to the professional level.

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There are 16 Australian Rugby Teams.

Although they might introduce

- Central New Zealand

- Wellington

- Central Coast Bears

- Queensland Bombers

- A team in Perth

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16 Teams, Which are:

Melbourne Storm

NZ Warriors

Cronulla Sharks

West Tigers

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Sydney Roosters

Penrith Panthers

Gold Coast Titans

Newcastle Knight

North Queensland Cowboys

Parramatta Eels

Canberra Raiders

Canterbury Bulldogs

Manley Sea Eagles

St George Illawarra Dragons

Brisbane Broncos

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13 ... there are 13 players in rugby league and 15 players on a rugby union team

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we have 16 NRL teams but one of those teams is from newzealand. we also have a number of teams for each district and state.

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Q: How many teams play in the NRL rUGBY lEAGUE?
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