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in the first edition of the world cup

total of 8 teams took part

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Q: How many teams participate in the first world cup tournament for cricket?
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How many teams participate in the Cricket World Cup?

3 Countries.

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How many teams participate in the FIFA tournament?

If you are referring to the FIFA World Cup it's 32.

Which teams participate in 2007 cricket world cup match final?

Aus and SL

Where does the the ashes urn cricket history kept?

The Ashes cricket tournament is held between two teams Australia & England. These games are held either in Australia or in England. Some of the great venues that have hosted Ashes tournament matches are: Sydney, Melbourne, Lords etc.

How many teams played in the first ncaa tournament?

The original NCAA Division 1 College Basketball Tournament 1939 field consisted of 8 teams.

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site excite cricket club has been a regular organizer of great tape ball tournament for the last Five years. For the last Two successive years we have been organzing Habib Bike Cricket Tournament in Karachi. And almost 15 to 20 tape ball tournament per annum, specially in Ramzan. In this year holy month we have a program to organize tape ball tournament in Kokan Cricket Ground, Bahadarabad Karachi. Teams and sponsors can contact us at secc75@yahoo or 0300-2052968 (Waqar)

Is there cricket teams in Portsmouth?

no there are no cricket teams in Portsmouth:)!!

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